Travel Kit

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The defining feature of our peripatetic lifestyle as international house sitters — full-time travel, the continual movement from place to place — will increase, sometimes dramatically, one’s carbon footprint. Certainly, there are some aspects of being digital nomads that may lead to living in a more environmentally friendly way than the average person: a more minimalist approach to life, the privileging of experiences over things, having less opportunity to buy and accumulate stuff. However, with increased visibility of environmental concerns in the media, it is hard to ignore how our lifestyles and consumer habits are affecting the places we visit and ultimately contributing to the climate change emergency.

To off-set some of this impact, we have invested in reusables and select plastic-free toiletries and makeup. Often both of these will save some precious space in your luggage. We tried and tested various brands and products.

Plastic-Free Toiletries

Lush is often people’s first experience of plastic-free toiletries. Its international presence means that it is easy to find while you’re on the road. Our favourite products include:

Soak and Float shampoo bar. Stacie suffers from mild psoriasis and, after trying lots of expensive products, found the only thing that worked was a famous anti-dandruff shampoo. After finding Soap and Float, her scalp issues have cleared up. In our experience, shampoo bars last three to six months.

Buffy body butter/exfoliator bar. Stacie’s legs get super dry and itchy, especially in the winter. Instead of lugging around bottles of moisturiser, Buffy does an amazing job and without leaving that sticky feeling.

Tip: buy metal tins to store your bars and don’t leave them in the shower. The bars last longer if you allow for them to dry out between uses.


Zao Essence of Nature

ZAO’s makeup products are certified organic and vegan. But the most innovative part of their make-up is its reusable and refillable bamboo package. Simply buy the refills once you’re done.

You can receive 10% off Zao’s products with our referral link.


Carrying around reusables might seem at odds with travelling light. However, not having to carry disposable items often saves space. We have reusable coffee cups from KeepCup, water bottles, cotton swabs, safety razors, and hemp makeup remover pads.