Other Projects

Other Projects

One of the best things about our peripatetic lifestyle as international house sitters is that affords us the time, space, and energy to pursue projects that we are passionate about. Without long commutes or the draining take-home baggage of the 9-to-5, we can develop our creative sides and draw on our house sitting and travel experiences for inspiration.

Virtual Scriptorium

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Travel Writing by Stacie Allan

After publishing a number of successful scholarly works, including a full-length book, and translations, Stacie has now turned her attention to travel writing. Her years of studying intercultural encounters, exile, and their impact on writing serves as a strong foundation from which contemplate her own peripatetic lifestyle. Stacie writes the ‘Postcards from…’ series of short, in-the-moment impressions about the places she visits and the ‘Long Reads’ blogs that take a more in-depth look at her experience an an international house sitter.

‘Letter from Seoul’Majuscule (online literary journal), Issue 1 (October 2019)

‘Summer House Sitting in South Korea’, House Sitting Magazine (December 2019)

‘Confessions of an Eco-Minded Digital Nomad’, nomadific.com (January 2020)

Stacie also writes book reviews and short narrative essays on her personal website.

Johnny’s Gaming YouTube Channel

Synthwolf TV launched in September 2019 with a no commentary play through of Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within. He has since produced another play through of Resident Evil. A life-long gamer and avid Twitch viewer, Johnny records and edits videos of old narrative-driven adventure games. Using only a standard laptop, he is pushing the limits of untethered gaming as part of his peripatetic lifestyle.