House Sitting Ebook

Coming August 2020

7 Steps to Becoming an International House Sitter:

50 Tips for Planning, Building, and Maintaining a Peripatetic Lifestyle

Stacie Allan

This e-book brings together a professional eye on house sitting as a lifestyle choice and our personal experiences as international house sitters. It offers a practical step-by-step guide that will allow you to plan, build, and maintain a peripatetic lifestyle through house sitting. Its contents are no less relevant for those who are interested in shorter term or more occasional house sitting or for those who have already begun house sitting. The e-book will remain a pertinent source of guidance as you continue on your house-sitting journey.

The tips found here are not a set of rules to follow to the letter. House sitting is all about making judgements, learning how to deal with difficult situations and how to adapt to life in new places. This information will guide you to make sound decisions, but ultimately, it is you who will have to decide for yourself what you do and how you do it.