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Stacie (Paris)Stacie (@thissideof25): After leaving her home town of Newcastle at 18 to go to university, Stacie has rarely lived in one place for more a couple of years: doing stints of a year or two studying in Liverpool, Paris, and Bristol. No wonder four years in Oxford gave her itchy feet. Stacie is a bit of a multi-tasker, always juggling commitments, always working on multiple projects at once. She works as a freelance translator, an equality and diversity project researcher, and independent academic in French studies specialising in gender and nationhood in the nineteenth-century novel. Somehow it sort of fits together through a unifying thread of an interest in identity, intercultural contact, and equal opportunities… Stacie’s first academic book Writing the Self, Writing the Nation was published in November 2018. Since then, she had turned her attention to travel writing and has a number of forthcoming pieces. Outside of work, she loves yoga (read: massive Lesley Fightmaster fan girl), cooking, Impressionist paintings, red wine, Candy Crush, and freedom of movement. She is trying to love running.

IMG_0785Johnny (@Johnny_McF): Johnny hails originally from Glasgow, where his family still lives. He studied English Literature and History at the University of Stirling; and Medieval Studies at the University of Leeds and the University of Bristol. Having completed his PhD in Medieval Latin literature, Johnny took up a role in academic publishing at Oxford University Press—a job that he has only recently left. He is currently trying to establish himself as a freelance editor and proofreader, whilst working on a few writing projects of his own … His first co-edited academic volume was published by De Gruyter in June 2017, entitled Handbook of Arthurian Romance. One day he hopes to finish his novel! Johnny loves to read: his main areas of interest are in Medieval History, Latin Arthuriana, Gothic horror and science-fiction writing. He also loves running, films, red wine and gin (not necessarily together), computer gaming, watching Twitch streams and Let’s Plays of old adventure games, and listening to an eclectic mix of classic rock and retro synthwave music. He still hasn’t worked out how to smile when getting his picture taken.