Postcard from Hanoi

Hanoi tastes of coffee. A thick, syrupy, almost a liqueur coffee. The air is thick too: thick with fumes, thick with cigarette smoke. The streets are blocked with vehicles, blocked with noise. Hanoi is a short intense coffee in a dark smokey bar with an overbearing soundtrack.

We visited Hanoi on a break from house sitting in October 2019. We marvelled at the city’s grey crumbling façades and visited Hỏa Lò prison, dubbed the Hanoi Hilton by the American servicemen held there during the Vietnam war. If you’re interested in becoming international house sitters, check out our house sitting tips pages. We’ve found nearly all of our house sits with and we really recommend joining the site. You can receive 20% off membership by using our affiliate referral code: RAF157338 (apply it on checkout).

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