Postcard from Bangkok

Plane, SkyTrain, Grab: in Bangkok, your feet rarely touch the ground. You fly along an ever-expanding network of elevated highways, elevated railways. You hop between the city’s modern malls on elevated walkways. Bangkok’s vastness, dusty roadsides, and year-round high temperatures mean walking, being a flâneur(euse), is usually out of the question. Our exploring was confined to the Green Lung, to a space protected from the urban sprawl and bordered by the Chao Phraya River. There, we rode rented bicycles amongst the mangroves: pedalling and rolling on two wheels. In walking the streets unrestricted, in observing life with their subjective gaze, the flâneur(euse) claims the city as their own. Bangkok always seems out of one’s grasp. Do I like Bangkok? Do I know Bangkok? What is Bangkok?

We visited Bangkok as international house sitters in October 2019. We enjoyed ultra cheap and delicious street food and marvelled at how the city was transforming. If you’re interested in becoming international house sitters, check out our house sitting tips pages. We’ve found nearly all of our house sits with and we really recommend joining the site. You can receive 20% off membership by using our affiliate referral code: RAF157338 (apply it on checkout).

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