Postcard from Kyoto

Kyoto in the summer is soundtracked by the calls of cicadas. All day, all night, you could hear them. To say it induced insomnia would be a stretch. But it did affect my sleeping. That and the hum and cold wind of the air conditioning unit. The cicadas’ shrill screams constantly sounded. Often it felt as if life was being sucked out of them. The summer marks the end of a cicada’s life after a long gestation period underground. Their call sounded ominous. It signalled something ominous.

We visited Kyoto as international house sitters in August and September 2019. We spent five weeks shrine hopping and tasting Japanese food from the Kansai region. If you’re interested in becoming international house sitters, check out our house sitting tips pages. We’ve found nearly all of our house sits with and we really recommend joining the site. You can receive 20% off membership by using our affiliate referral code: RAF157338 (apply it on checkout).

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