Postcard from Charente-Maritime

‘It’s called the Canal des 2 mers à vélo path and it runs 700 km from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean’, I enthusiastically informed our hosts.They had never heard of it. We had the leaflet and a map so it must exist. We were to cycle the short way to Mortagne-sur-Gironde to get onto the path that would take us to Talmont-sur-Gironde. It started out well. A black dog happily ran alongside our bikes for a kilometre or so as we passed fields of dried-out sunflowers. At Mortagne, we found the signs for the path and followed them downhill to the harbour. But, very often, what goes down must go back up. Round the harbour and along the coast by the marshlands we went. The cycle path took a right away from the road and its uphill course. We’re in luck, we thought. Four hundred meters further on, the cycle path abruptly stopped. The green signs pointed towards the trees on the left: a steep grassy incline and a sign saying chemin non entretenu.

We visited Charente-Maritime as international house sitters in September 2018. If you’re interested in becoming international house sitters, check out our house sitting tips pages. We’ve found nearly all of our house sits with and we really recommend joining the site. You can receive 20% off membership by using our affiliate referral code: RAF157338 (apply it on checkout).

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