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From academics to international house sitters

We are Stacie and Johnny, a British couple who packed up their lives, sold (almost all) of their belongings, and (sort of) quit their jobs to become location independent and lead a peripatetic lifestyle. We have been full-time international house sitters since September 2018, completing house sits in France, Germany, South Korea, Japan, and Thailand.

After completing both PhDs, we spent years working towards our careers, putting all your energies into them and sacrificing our time, well-being, and personal interests. In the end, it didn’t work out as we had hoped. Embarking on a peripatetic lifestyle by becoming international house sitters has offered us the chance to develop ourselves in new ways, to experience life across the world, and ultimately to build a metaphorical mobile home, or a maison péripatétique, on the road.

Our international house sitters website

We created this website to share our story, showcase our international house sitters CV and international house sitters references and offer house sitting tips and inspiration through our ‘Long Read‘ posts about our peripatetic lifestyle and Postcards from…’ travel writing series.

Our experience as international house sitters

June 2018 to December 2019

We began house sitting in June 2018 with some short-term sits in the south of England. We left the UK on a permanent basis in September 2018 and spent nine months house sitting in France and Germany. In June 2019, we left Europe for two and a half months of house sitting in South Korea and five weeks in Japan. Before returning to Europe in December 2019 to continue house sitting in France, we completed back-to-back house sits in Thailand.

Our advice to aspiring international house sitters

How you live your life is a very personal question and this is no less true for those wanting to build a peripatetic lifestyle as international house sitters. Countless travel blogs and Instagram accounts will tell you ‘just do it’: leave your job, book a one-way ticket, follow your dreams. However, the factors governing whether we are able to ‘just do it’ — and indeed, how we are able to ‘do it’ — are individually defined. Instead of telling you what to do, our house sitting tips facilitate self-reflection on how you can build your very own home on the road. In August 2020, we will be releasing our first e-book7 Steps to Becoming an International House Sitter: 50 Tips for Planning, Building, and Maintaining a Peripatetic Lifestyle, which offers a step-by-step guide that will allow you to plan, build, and maintain a peripatetic lifestyle through house sitting. The e-book will map out seven key steps through 50 tips: 1) What to consider before becoming an International House Sitter; 2) Getting Started as an International House Sitter; 3) Applying for International House Sits; 4) Interviewing for International House Sits; 5) Managing Relationships with Homeowners; 6) During Your International House Sit; and 7) Maintaining Your International House Sitter Profile.

Our international house sitters references

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‘Stacie and Johnny were an absolute dream team! […] They communicated actively while we were away for 6 weeks, easing any and all of our worries with their consistent communication. Once we arrived home, it was apparent that our two dogs had created a bond with Stacie and Johnny and were sad to see them go. We highly recommend them and would happily welcome them back into our home!’ House sitting in South Korea (summer 2019).

‘Stacie and Johnny are a delightful, friendly couple and first class pet sitters. My cats were well cared for and thoroughly spoiled while I was away for almost 6 weeks.  Stacie and Johnny arrived a few days early to get to know routines and kept in regular touch with photographs and messages. I returned to them waiting at the airport for me, a clean and tidy house and a delicious home-cooked dinner. I highly recommend Stacie and Johnny and would be absolutely delighted to welcome them back as sitters again at any time.’ House sitting in France (winter 2018/19).

Follow our journey of building a peripatetic lifestyle as international house sitters.



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